Constraint Pattern Repository

What are domain-specific Constraint Patterns?

Design patterns are widely used in software engineering to describe solutions to recurring problems. Such recurring problems do not, however, just occur in software engineering, but also in constraint programming. We do not want to constantly have to find new solutions to problems that have already been tackled, but would instead like to reuse methods that have worked successfully in the past. To this end, we introduced domain-specific constraint patterns, patterns for the constraint programming setting. A pattern describes a recurring problem, gives a solution approach to this problem, and highlights consequences of choosing this approach. The solution approach describes the best practice or expert knowledge of how to model the problem. On this website, we are currently in the process of setting up a constraint pattern repository. Further contributions of patterns are always welcome.

Thank you for citing the constraint pattern repository in your publications if you use our work. To cite the repository please use:
Saller, Sophia & Jana Koehler (2021). Easy, adaptable and high-quality Modelling with domain-specific Constraint Patterns. Twentieth International Workshop on Constraint Modelling and Reformulation. (Link to Paper)